1. Spur Chat Widget

    New Feature

    Introducing the brand new Spur Chat Widget 💬

    Connect with your customers on their preferred messaging channel - WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Email. No more limiting your customers to just one channel, now offer them the flexibility to choose from multiple options.

    See the widget in action - Checkout on demo store 🚀

    With just 4 simple steps, you can activate the Chat Widget for your Shopify store. Here's how:

    1. Go to Marketing Tools > Chat Widget 💻
    2. Click on Install in Theme Editor 💾
    3. image
    4. Change the phone number, Instagram username, Facebook username and the email in the theme editor 🔧
    5. Hit save and you're done! 🎉

    Note: Before activating the Chat Widget, make sure you've disabled any existing chat bubble.

    Now, you can enhance your customer communication and provide a seamless experience like never before. Don't wait any longer, install the Spur Chat Widget today! 💥


  2. Product Image in Cart Recovery Messages


    Exciting News from Spur! We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our cart recovery messages - Product Images! That's right, you can now make your cart recovery messages stand out and increase your conversion rate with dynamic images (auto-generated images specific to carts).

    Have you ever received a plain text message asking you to come back and complete your purchase? Boring, right? Well, we're changing that! Adding images to your cart recovery messages is an effective way to increase engagement and drive sales. Images are easy to scan, persuasive, and ultimately help you recover at least 10% more abandoned carts ⚡️

    Types of Cart Recovery Images

    You now have the option to include two types of dynamic images in your cart recovery messages:

    1. Product Summary

    Show a small image for each item in the cart, along with its quantity, cost, discounts, and total amount.


    2. First Product Big Image

    Display a big image of the first product in the cart. Why? Studies have shown that the first product in the cart tends to have the greatest impulse purchase, so displaying a big image of it can be more effective than showing multiple small images or a summary.


    So, how can you get started with this amazing new feature? It's simple!

    1. Create a new Message Template
    2. Make sure your template has a header: Image or PDF
    3. Complete the rest of the template and submit
    4. Go to the Cart Recovery Flow
    5. Replace Template
    6. Select the new template you just created
    7. In the header, select "Dynamic" then "Cart Summary" or "Image of First Product in Cart" based on your preference
    8. Fill in the rest of the parameters and hit save
    9. Watch your cart recovery rate soar 🚀

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. Upgrade your cart recovery messages with dynamic images today!

    P.S. Spur is the only tool that gives you the option to choose between the type of dynamic image you want to send. So experiment and find the dynamic image that works the best for you 🎯